What are the costs

As a SMG partner, you are an independent entrepreneur. You are not an employee of the network. We believe that by joining forces we can work more efficiently while enjoying several group benefits to help us grow on a professional, financial and personal level.

“Those who can share, can also multiply!”

What are the costs?

This is your financial contribution to network.

Partner contribution
The contribution to the partner network reflects 15% of your total turnover. This contribution applies to all of your projects. If you do not earn anything one month, you do not have to pay your contribution and application fee.

Your monthly contribution = training budget
As a SMG partner, you pay a monthly contribution of € 100. This can then be used entirely as your training budget, which adds up to € 1200 per year. You are free to choose any course or training you like.

The monthly contribution was changed on 1 January 2019.

Application compensation
The entrepreneur that finds you a project receives an application compensation that reflects 10% of the project’s turnover. This entrepreneur might be you or a fellow entrepreneur of Sales Marketing Group, so either you or a fellow entrepreneur receives the financial compensation. For more information, see below.


What do you recieve?

Find out what you receive as a partner of Sales Marketing Group

Together with your account manager, you schedule personal coaching sessions. During these conversations you analyse fitting solutions that help you grow. For example, through personal branding, resume restyling, educational advice or application advice.

Personal educational budget

Courses, trainings and coaches cost money. Sales Marketing Group stimulates personal development through the use of a personal educational budget. You have access to at least € 1200 and you can easily increase this amount. Learn more about the personal educational budget.

Partner events
Six times a year, we organise private partner events. These dinners, activities and/or workshops stimulate development while being a lot of fun too. By getting to know fellow entrepreneurs and sharing knowledge, you gain insight in each other’s strengths. This stimulates finding new projects and future collaborations.

Increasing your chances
Sales Marketing Group is a network of clients, recruiters and platforms. You get access to these platforms and recruiter lists, and we introduce you to potential clients. This is how we increase your chances of landing new projects.

When you find a project for one of your fellow entrepreneurs, you receive an application compensation of 10% of the project’s turnover throughout the entire process. Check this page to learn more.

Introduction compensation
If you introduce a new entrepreneur to Sales Marketing Group, you receive a compensation of € 2 per billable hour of that entrepreneur, for the next 24 months.

Mentorship compensation
As a senior partner, you can present yourself as a mentor to other partners. A mentor receives € 1 per billable hour of that partner, during the course of the mentorship. The partner does not have to pay anything, as this is already covered by the current contribution.

The mentorship programmes run parallel to our notice periods. Therefore, they last at least six months and can be terminated either on January 1st or July 1st.

VIP toegang tot evenementen
You are given free access to events which match your expertise and might help you expand your network. Think of The Dutch Search Awards or IAB for example.

Inspire & Connect

Every month, we get together at Inspire & Connect. Here, you learn from other SMG partners, clients and fellow entrepreneurs while being updated on recent developments. At these events, there are approximately 30 people present. As a SMG partner, you can also seize the moment to share your knowledge with the audience. By sharing your story of giving a training, for example.

Curious to know more about this month’s topic? Check the calendar.

If you are experiencing difficulties while working on a project, chances are a fellow entrepreneur can help you out. We know from experience that SMG partners love to give feedback. In need of an Api connection? Tracking pixel not working? We have got you covered.

When you join Sales Marketing Group, we provide the opportunity to be coached by a mentor. This senior partner in our network offers general advice on independent entrepreneurship or specific support in certain knowledge areas. Together, we select a mentor that matches you.

Of course, you are free to discuss things with anyone in the network. But if you enter a mentorship programme, we expect you to schedule at least one monthly call to discuss your progress and a quarterly meeting to dive in a little deeper, resulting in a short report. If you feel you need more extensive coaching or weekly dinner sessions for example, that is fine too, but you need to arrange this together. The most important thing is having access to a sparring partner and actively helping each other to grow.

The mentorship programmes run parallel to our notice periods. Therefore, they last at least six months and can be terminated either on January 1st or July 1st.

Financial safety net
The network actively tries to help you land projects. However, if things do not go according to plan, you can – under clear conditions – ask for an advance of maximum € 4000 per month, adding up to a maximum total of €12.000.

Financial consultation
Plan a non-binding consultation with our affiliated accountant. This can provide interesting insights with regard to personal financial gains.

Curious to know more about your future financial situation?  Get in touch, and we will start counting.


Hourly rate

As a partner of Sales Marketing Group, you choose your own fee. We advise you to use an hourly rate set between € 75 and € 125.

Are you currently only asking a small fee, but do you still fit into our network? Then we can coach you towards the hourly rate you have in mind.”

Reduction in contribution
After some time, your contribution decreases. After 4500 hours worked, you pay 10% and after 7500 hours only 5%. If you introduce a new partner to the network, the hours worked by this partner will be added to your total hours worked for the next 24 months.

Multiplication of hours
If you introduce a new entrepreneur, his or her hours worked will be added to your total hours worked. This helps the reduction of your contribution go faster. For more details, check the top of this page.

Chamber of commerce
As a partner of Sales Marketing Group, you are an independent entrepreneur. The network does not act as an employer. The partnership comes with costs and benefits. These are the same for all partners and are calculated every month. As a partner, your business should be registered at the chamber of commerce.

If, after three months, you decide that Sales Media Group isn’t for you, you can hand in a written notice. Remember that there is a notice period of three months and termination either occurs on either January 1st or July 1st.

Do you have questions about our financial arrangements, or like to learn more about Sales Marketing Group? Get in touch, we would love to tell you more!

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