The power of joint entrepreneurship

Collaborating with other entrepreneurs, sharing knowledge in various areas, landing new projects together and having access to advantages like an accountant are just a few reasons why online marketing experts decide to join Sales Marketing Group. Also, with our financial safety net, we minimise the risk for our entrepreneurs.

“Not the strongest members of a species survive, not the most intelligent, but those who can adequately adapt to change.” 

Entrepreneurs of Sales Marketing Group work independently but also collaborate in certain areas. As an entrepreneur, brainstorming with a fellow entrepreneur can be very helpful. Sales Marketing Group uses the opportunities of the partner network by learning from each other and growing on a commercial level. Through financial compensations, we stimulate entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and assist in certain projects.

Sales Marketing Group encourages entrepreneurs to expand their network and invite other experts to join the group. After all, they know where to find talent. Curious to know more about our financial compensation? Visit our financial overview page.

Sharing knowledge and personal development
At Sales Marketing Group, we believe you are never done learning, especially in online marketing. That is why as a SMG partner, you have access to monthly trainings and seminars about specific topics in online marketing. We support you in your personal development.