De organisation

Sales Marketing Group is a strong partner network for experienced, specialised entrepreneurs focusing on online marketing and sales. A network that offers a fitting solution for every online marketing challenge. A network that is there for clients as well as each other. That inspires fellow entrepreneurs, seizes opportunities and always puts the client first.

“There are people living in a dream world and there are people simply look at reality. But there are also people turning their dreams into reality.”

No hierarchy
In contrast to other organisations, you will not find a hierarchical organisational structure at Sales Marketing Group. The changing labour market shows that people prefer to work in a more flexible way, without running immediate (financial) risks. As an organisation, SMG has a flat structure. Every partner is equal and free to choose his or her working hours and location. Various arrangements help limit the financial risks. At Sales Marketing Group, the conditions are clear so entrepreneurs can focus on the quality of their work. This makes us proud!

Not every online marketeer can join Sales Marketing Group. Experience, expertise and personality play an important role. The entrepreneurs that are currently part of the network, decide if a new partner can join the group. This prevents just any entrepreneur from joining Sales Marketing Group. Next to sending in your resume, scheduling a call and having introductory conversation, an online assessment based on your field is also be part of the screening. Naturally, we will discuss the results.

Effective networking isn’t a result of luck – it requires hard work and persistence

The legal form
Sales Marketing Group is a private company that is part of the Chamber of Commerce. When you join SMG, you keep working as an independent entrepreneur. Through signing a partner agreement, you can use the benefits of the network, without sacrificing your independence and freedom. You decide when, where and how many hours you work. What if the network does not match your expectations? You can always cancel your partner agreement and continue your own journey. Please note that there is three-month notice period.

The project office
Not only does our project office handle the invoicing of your monthly contribution, it can also save you a lot of work. By asking them to let accountants Castelein & Basmaci take care of your bookkeeping, for example. If you join Sales Marketing Group, we review your resume and LinkedIn profile. This allows us to make sure your branding is on point.

You can turn to our project office with any questions concerning the network. Send us a message.

Effective networking isn’t a result of luck – it requires hard work and persistence

Our expertise? Relieving you of your work
Sales Marketing Group has one important focus: online marketing. Together with our partners, we keep reinventing ourselves in the changing field of online marketing. We can help answer difficult questions, assist in a project or bring in an entire team of professionals to temporarily run a department. Our experts are here to help with any marketing challenges you might be facing.

The opportunities of the future
Online marketing is an area that is rapidly developing. At Sales Marketing Group, we are always looking ahead. We keep a close eye on the developments in our field and offer additional education when needed. The entrepreneurs that are part of our network receive a substantial yearly budget to get the necessary education and training. Therefore, we can guarantee our clients that we use the latest possibilities in online marketing.

Next to this, our experts are giving and following monthly trainings on specific topics. Check the calendar for these trainings and their topics.

Sales Marketing Group is an organisation that provides opportunities. For our entrepreneurs as well as our clients!