The process

Are you a sales or online marketing expert and would you like to join Sales Marketing Group? Then you have come to the right place! Here, we explain the registration process and what is expected of you. Would you like to know more about our financial arrangements? Check this page.

As Sales Marketing Group is not based on a hierarchical organisational structure, there is no supervisor deciding whether or not you may join the network. Together, our partners decide if an entrepreneur is an added value to SMG.

Would you like to join Sales Marketing Group? Follow these steps:

  • Register at Sales Marketing Group, by sending us your resume or a link to your LinkedIn page. The content will be analysed by the project team and various experts working in a similar field.
  • If the selection committee’s verdict is positive, you are invited for a telephone conversation. During this talk, we evaluate if you are a valuable asset to the partner network.
  • Another positive outcome means you will be personally interviewed by two entrepreneurs that are already part of SMG.
  • If you are a match and can strengthen our network, you are invited to join Sales Marketing Group!

Are you inspired and would you like to join our partner network? Send us your resume!