Exclusive events

You are the best in your field. Therefore, you want to put yourself on the map, be bombarded with great projects and earn a nice living. Can you do this all by yourself? Great! Could you use some help? Join Sales Marketing Group and work independently, with fellow entrepreneurs. Together, we are stronger.

“Getting together is a start, staying together is progress, working together is success.”


If working together with fellow entrepreneurs does not offer enough advantages, Sales Marketing Group also organises events for experts like you. Maybe you know us from the annual Performance Marketing Event (PME) or our monthly Inspire & Connect. But did you know that SMG partners can also attend exclusive events? You do not want to mis this!

Inspiring events for SMG partners

Six times a year, SMG partners get together for exclusive partner events. These range from trying exciting activities to learning the ropes of entrepreneurship. We learn from experts within our group or hire others to inspire you. Everything to make you even more successful.

Working together is success

During our SMG partner events we focus on networking and sharing knowledge. The better you know the strengths of your fellow entrepreneurs, the better you can help each other. Working together on projects, sharing knowledge and receiving feedback is inspiring and empowering. Everyone should do what he or she does best.

What does it include?

Since the start of Sales Marketing Group, we have organised many successful partner events. Curious to know what we did? We are happy to share a glimpse:

Pitch your expertise

A pitch event is the perfect opportunity to practise your elevator pitch, receive feedback and land projects. Here, every partner was offered the chance of sharing their knowledge with potential clients. And not without success! Many partners started interesting projects soon after the event.

Business and pleasure

Taking time off together is the perfect way to get to know each other. Luckily, having fun and gaining knowledge go hand in hand. We started the day with a LinkedIn training and exchanged tips and success stories. The exciting helicopter flight that followed took us out of our comfort zone, while the relaxing dinner afterwards offered time to relax and catch up.

Can’t wait to join Sales Marketing Group and never mis another exclusive event? Learn more about the registration process or get in touch.